Sponsor a Child

There are several reasons why this is my favorite way to involve my kids in changing the world.

1. It’s relational. It teaches that the people in the world facing hunger and hardship are not vague concepts…they are PEOPLE. It humanizes it for kids and puts a face on it…hopefully a face that they come to know and love dearly.

2. It’s ongoing. It teaches that throwing money at something (although very helpful when done appropriately) is not always the answer. You don’t get to donate and then walk away feeling fine. It’s an ongoing struggle that needs our ongoing support.

3. It’s helps them build a relationship with someone very different from them. It’s easy to get into a bubble and stay there. Your sponsor child helps your child see that there is something beyond their bubble which is the first step towards being an advocate.

4. It’s FUN!!! When your sponsorship begins I STRONGLY encourage you to keep in good communication with your sponsor child. Have your kids make them cards, draw them pictures, ask them questions (written by you, obviously), and share about themselves. It’s really very fun for all parties involved!

I remember the first time Abraham wrote back after my 4 year old sent him a drawing of our Christmas tree. He said “It brightens my face to hear from you” and sent a drawing of his Christmas tree which fascinated my kids because it looked so different from ours. It was the start of something very special for our family and I hope it will be the same for yours.

For sponsorship information, please see the Sponsor A Child page on this site.