A Heart That Cares

A Heart That Cares (an illustrated children’s book) is a great tool for parents to teach their young children gratitude and compassion while empowering them to make a global difference.

So what’s the book about?

When Ava and Ben hear about life in a developing country they learn that not everyone is as blessed as they are. As their hearts are filled with compassion for people who don’t have the things they need, Ava and Ben are empowered to make a positive and personal impact in the lives of those around the world through child sponsorship.


Printed Book:

To buy the print edition in a way that will help fund a second Growing Global Kids book as quickly as possible, please visit our store on CreateSpace. The book is also available for purchase on Amazon.com: A Heart That Cares: A Growing Global Kids Book


iBook (for iPad):

To instantly download the book to your iPad, open the iBooks app (for a free download of the iBooks app click here), and search the iBookstore for “A Heart That Cares”.